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License Expiry Monitoring

When your Diffusion license expires the Diffusion server continues to run for another day before it shuts down. To avoid this we recommend you update your license file before it expires. See Updating your license file in our Documentation.

We strongly recommend you monitor the expiry date for your license to ensure you do not experience a service interruption.

MBean Monitoring

Diffusion exposes the current license expiry date as an MBean. This can be accessed via JConsole or other third party monitoring tools. See the Remote JMX Access article for more information about using JConsole. The license expiry date is available on the following MBean.

  • com.pushtechnology.diffusion/Server/[server-name]/Attributes/LicenseExpiryDate

Topic Monitoring

An alternative to using MBeans to monitor the licence expiry date is to fetch the following topic.

  • Diffusion/MBeans/com/pushtechnology/diffusion/server="name"/type=Server/Attributes/LicenseExpiryDate

This topic is automatically shown on the Diffusion console.

Server log file

When the licence expiration is drawing close, the server logs the licence expiration date using PUSH-000202 log entries.